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23-5008-SUM-Everyday Autism Strategies for Schools – Essential Guidance

23-5008-SUM-Everyday Autism Strategies for Schools – Essential Guidance

Everyday Autism Strategies for Schools – Essential Guidance

This course will give you a great grounding and knowledge of autism, along with lots of practical tips and strategies for helping your students or child to be as good as they can be.

This course is for both mainstream and special primary schools

Course Content

Each session will contain: easy-to-understand explanations of each topic, case studies to illustrate the topics, personal insights from a range of autistic children, young people and adults, as well as parents and teachers, and of course, practical strategies. This includes:

  Introduction to Autism

 Top Tips: Make Everything Visual for Me; Give Me A Schedule

 Top Tips: Motivate Me

 Top Tips: Help me to be more Organised and Independent

 Top Tips: Teach Me Ways to Cope with Anxiety

 Top Tips: Teach me Ways to Recognise and Cope with My Emotions

 Top Tips: Give Me A Break

 Top Tips: Help Me To Navigate the Social World of School

 Creating an Inclusive, Autism Friendly School

Course Lecturer- Bio

Claire Droney, M. Ed, has been supporting autistic children and young people and supporting and training school staff who work with autistic students at both primary and second level.across a range of educational settings for the past 16 years. These include special schools, special classes and mainstream schools and currently works as a special education teacher (SET) in a mainstream primary school in Ireland.

Claire also works as a part-time lecturer in University College Cork (UCC), delivering training on autism to students completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs, and the Diploma in Autism Studies       


Claire is a former autism advisor for the National Council for Special Education (NCSE), and spent five years in London as part of a busy Autism Outreach team, supporting and training school staff who work with students with autism at both primary and second level.

Claire has worked for the Autism Education Trust (AET).


Before you finalise payment for your course, please note the following:

All of our Summer courses are booked on the condition that the course fee is non-refundable

Course fees cannot be transferred to another teacher. 

Unfortunately, if you wish to cancel your place or you are unable to attend the course, we are not in a position to refund fees.

In the event that the minimum number of participants required do not apply then the Centre will be obliged to cancel the course and all monies will be refunded in full.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 03-07-2023 9:15 am
Course End Date / Time 07-07-2023 2:30 pm
Capacity 25
Fee €50.00
Subsequent Dates July 4, 5, 6 and Friday July 7th
Select Hours 1
Speaker Claire Droney
Course Format Face to Face
Location Cork Education Support Centre

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

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