Participant Travel Expenses

As per Teacher Education Section guidelines, travel allowances for attendance at in-service courses will be paid on the basis of bus or train fares or if such transport is not available or would be more expensive, on the basis of private car allowance, where the return journey to the venue each day is greater than 32 kilometres (20 miles) from home or school, whichever is nearer to the venue.  All distances are verified using Google Maps and Eircode.

Please refer to DES guidelines for full details of travel and subsistence allowance rates.

Online Travel Claim System Click on the Bitly link provided by the tutor.

You will be taken through a pre-filled form containing all the course details

You need to complete your:   ​​​​​​​

  • Travel Details (Eircode Required)
  • Personal Details
  • Banking Details

Throughout the process the system validates against unfilled fields, distances and IBAN details.

When your claim has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Education Centre.

Once your claim has been Approved you will receive a second e-mail advising you that you will receive payment in due course.

You can view your claims by entering your teacher council number and your email address.

(Please refer to our GDPR Privacy Statement on the ABOUT US tab.)