Coaching Accredited Course

Coaching Accredited Course

Wednesday 14 March 2018

COACHING - accredited course

Due to high demand the CESC are delighted to announce that a further course in Coaching will run from March 2018.

While this course has been tailored for teachers, it will focus primarily on the discipline of Coaching  and so non-teachers are more than welcome.

This course will be accredited through the Association for Coaching (the AC)

On completion, all participants will also be guided on their pathway towards becoming a fully accredited coach.

This course would benefit participants in the following areas:


People management skills.

Career progression.

Navigating difficult conversation


Dates: The course will run for 7 weeks on Thurs or Wed evenings from 7-10pm.  Starting 15 March 18 and completing  9 May 2018 

Once you reserve a place, we will be in touch as regards payment.

For any other queries please email