NEPS - Incredible Years 2017/2018

NEPS - Incredible Years 2017/2018

Monday 08 January 2018

The Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IYTCM) programme is part of the Incredible Years Parent, Teacher and Child training series. This series aims to prevent and reduce conduct problems in children.


The programme has been well researched and validated. It involves group led discussions and practice time within the group in order to problem solve and try out new techniques. Video clips are also used to illustrate key points in each session and provide the group with time to discuss concepts shown and how best to apply these ideas in the classroom.  


The rollout of the IYTCM programme in DEIS schools has been highlighted in the Action Plan for Education by Minister Richard Bruton as a key priority in the coming three years.  The training which will be delivered by NEPS involves six full days.  Substitute cover will be provided for teachers in DEIS schools who attend the training. 


The training is designed mainly for class teachers of Junior classes (Junior Infants to Second Class); however the underlying principles are useful for any teacher. Teachers will be asked to select a pupil in their class and to develop a behaviour plan for that pupil.  A minimum of 2 teachers per school is recommended.