Assistive Technology to Enable Success for Students with SEN

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Assistive Technology to Enable Success for Students with Disabilities/Learning Difficulties

This course will be facilitated by Deirdre Madden (Assistive Technology Outreach Co-ordinator with UCC’s Disability Support Service).

Location: UCC’s Assistive Technology Lab - Ground Floor of the Boole Library, UCC


Educators are encountering more and more students in their classrooms with diagnosed learning difficulties/disabilities. More students with sensory and physical disabilities are being included in mainstream classrooms. For these learners the traditional textbooks, pen and paper and learning methods may not work. Assistive technology can offer effective alternatives to allow these students to:

Access their curriculum more equitably

Maximise their academic potential

Maximise their independence in their school/homework

Enhance access and transition to education and work opportunities after school


UCC’s Disability Support Service is delighted to work in partnership with the Cork Education Support Centre to present this course to support educators including and enabling students with disabilities/learning difficulties through the use of assistive technology.


This course will provide hands on training in a wide variety of commercial and free assistive technologies to support the needs of students:

With specific learning difficulties (like dyslexia, dyspraxia)

Who are blind/visually impaired

Who are deaf/hard of hearing

Who have a physical disability


Participants will also become familiar with the principles of Universal Design for Learning that guides the development of flexible learning environments that can accommodate individual learning differences. The basic IT skills required for students to make the most of their assistive technology will also be covered.



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Category Summer Courses
Date Monday 08 July 2019 - Friday 12 July 2019
Time 9.30am to 2pm
Presenters Deirdre Madden AT Technology Outreach Co-ordinator, UCC
Code 19-1969-SUM
Fee €50.00
Venue University College Cork, Cork
Places 6 places remaining
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