Ag Eisteacht - ABLE4Teachers Training

Course description

ABLE4Teachers Training


A Training Course for Primary School Teachers:


Building rapport and listening actively to parents ands colleagues.


This is a one day session of a two-hour duration.


Session Overview:


This session shares insights and skills from Ag Eisteacht's DES-approved ABLE (Adopt, Build, Listen & Empower) model to help boundary and manage conversations with parents, colleagues and pupils, as well as providing resources to support the promotion of responsive relationships and wellbeing in the school community.


Learning Outcomes:


  • An understanding of the relevance of a relational approach.
  • An insight into the value and impact of active listening.
  • Knowledge of and a model for reflecting on times of transition.
  • Knowledge of the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.



Topics Covered:


  • Using the ABLE Model.
  • A relational approach: What it is and how to adopt it.
  • Times of transition.
  • Making choices.
  • Key elements of empathy.
  • What makes a good ending?


Teachers' Testimonials:


"So beneficial. I feel a lot more empowered to deal with otherwise difficult or overwhelming situations."


"Great insight into how best to deal with other people's problems without becoming overwhelmed yourself."


Ag Eisteacht is a Cork based registered charity (CHY: 20668) training organisation.

Category Primary
Date Friday 03 May 2019 - Friday 03 May 2019
Time 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Presenters To Be Confirmed
Code 19-1801-SPR
Fee €10.00
Venue Cork Education Support Centre, Cork
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