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NIPT Information

NQTS and Cork Education Support Centre

Droichead is the new integrated induction process for teachers and is available to both primary and post-primary teachers.  
It is important to note that Droichead is the only route of induction for all primary and post-primary teachers registered from 1 June 2020.  

Droichead Cluster Meetings for NQTs - 2023/2024  (Read full information below)

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) are required to attend up to three different cluster meetings for the duration of their Droichead process.

Each cluster meeting is a forum where NQTs can discuss and seek clarification about the Droichead process and professional practice.

NQTs are encouraged to ask questions, seek guidance, reflect upon particular challenges
and share successes, ideas and experiences.

Cluster meetings are facilitated by experienced Droichead Induction Associates and provide avenues of both professional and personal support to NQTs. This shared-learning approach builds professional
relationships, confidence and competence.

NQTs must complete their full cluster meeting requirement in line with the Droichead Cluster Meeting Calendar 2023.2024.

Cluster Meeting Requirement:

NQTs must complete one different cluster meeting (specific to their sector, primary or post-primary) per term in sequential order for the duration of their Droichead process.

NQTs must complete Cluster Meeting 1 (CM 1) before engaging in either Cluster Meeting 2 (CM 2) and/or Cluster Meeting 3 (CM 3).

NQTs should not submit their online Form D until all aspects of
their Droichead process, including their full cluster meeting requirements, have been fulfilled.

If a Form D is received where all the cluster meeting requirements are not met, it will not be processed by the Teaching Council.
CM 1 will be available face-to-face in education support centres and

CM 2 and CM 3 will be available online as per the
Droichead Cluster Meeting Calendar 2023.2024.

This should be read in tandem with Cluster Meetings: Important Information & Attendance Protocols.

Registration on DESC website:
Donegal Education Support Centre (DESC) is the central administration hub for Droichead Cluster Meetings nationally.

All NQTs must first register here in order to receive and download cluster meeting certificates.

The submission of cluster meeting certificates to the Teaching Council is one of the requirements when concluding the Droichead process.

Cluster Meeting 1 dates and times for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Registration for specific Cluster Meeting 1 dates and times for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) will open from 

Wednesday 20th September.

Amanna agus dátaí do Chnuaschruinniú 1 do Mhúinteoirí Nuacháilithe (MNCanna)  

Osclófar clárú do dhátaí agus amanna faoi leith ar a mbeidh Cnuaschruinniú 1 do Mhúinteoirí Nuacháilithe (MNCanna) ón gCéadaoin, 20 Meán Fómhair.     

Cuirfear tús le reáchtáil Chnuaschruinniú 1 an tseachtain dar tús an 2 Deireadh Fómhair * de réir Fhéilire Chnuaschruinnithe Droichead 2023.2024 (anseo).   

Setting up a profile as a user on our CESC website (necessary for booking your place)  is the third registration step following registration first with the teaching council  www.teachingcouncil.ie and secondly registering with https://oide-droichead.com/register  in that order.

The facilitation of Cluster Meeting 1 events will commence week beginning October 2nd in line with the Droichead Cluster Meeting Calendar 2023.2024 (here). 
NQT's should select and book the CM 1 that they wish to attend. Registering with multiple Education Support Centres and/or for multiple cluster meetings will result in removal from the cluster meeting register. 
Please be assured that there will be adequate provision of cluster meetings to meet the demand each term. 

Droichead Cluster Meeting Bookings Here

Read more: NIPT Information

About Us


Cork Education Support Centre (CESC) is funded by the Department of Education & Skills through the Teacher Education Section (TES) under the National Development Plan. The current Director is Sean Horgan.

Since its establishment in 1973 the Centre has provided support for Primary, Post-Primary, National, Regional and Local Professional development for teachers and the education community in Cork City and County.

The Centre aims to:

  • Administer national, regional and local in-service programmes
  • Deliver seminars in the area of continued professional development
  • Support PDST and JCT Advisors 
  • Support regional and local curriculum development projects
  • Provide a meeting place for teacher groups and subject associations
  • Plan and organise local courses for Primary and Post-primary teachers,SNA's and other members of the school community.
  • Provide ICT local courses
  • Support local teacher, SNA, parent and principal groups
  • Organise and run spring, summer and autumn local courses
  • Provide cluster-based workshops and outreach courses for teachers
  • Provide a venue for the education community.

The centre hosts the Special Education Support Service and it offers the Reading Recovery programme.

Child Protection Policy

The Designated Liaison Person is Sean Horgan.

The Deputy Designated Liaison Person is Ms. Maighread Kelly Walker.


The Centre was initially located in the Model School in Anglesea Street. The first full-time Director was Bart Bambury (1973 – 2001).

Over the years the centre has moved premises a number of times.
Michael Jackson, Acting Director, (2001 -2002) oversaw a change of name which coincided with the move to the present location on Western Road in January 2002.
Cork Education Support Centre is a custom-built, state of the art facility incorporating the old Holy Trinity Rectory (previously occupied by the Music Department of UCC) along with a sizeable new development on the Mardyke Walk side of the site.

Ionad Tacaíochta Oideachais Chorcaí - CORK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE



Ionad Tacaíochta Oideachais Chorcaí, Teach an Reachtaire, Bóthar an Iarthair, Corcaigh


Cork Education Support Centre, The Rectory, Western Road, Cork




Busanna Áitiúla agus páireáil teoranta do ghluaisteáin

Local Buses and limited carparking available



 +353 21 4255600
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