Droichead (Post Primary) - Cluster 1 - Workshop

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Droichead (Post Primary) - Cluster 1 - Workshop 

From September 2017, NQTs who are engaging in the Droichead process must attend one cluster meeting per term (2 hour duration), while undertaking the process. 


A minimum of 3 cluster meetings will be available each year.  


All NQTs engaging in the Droichead process must attend Cluster Meeting 1 before attending Cluster 2 and 3.


As per the workshop programme, NQTs must register with the Education Centre to attend a cluster meeting. 


In addition to this, NQTs who are engaging in the Droichead process should also engage in one other professional learning activity. This may include attendance at an NIPT workshop. 


At cluster meetings, NQTs will present Form D to be stamped by the facilitator as proof of attendance. Form D is available at www.teachingcouncil.ie.  Please have this form with you on the night.


Cluster 1, which is a compulsory for Post Primary NQTS who are undertaking Droichead as a route to induction, and have not already competed Cluster 1 will take place in The Cork Education Support Centre - 3rd October, 2017 - 5.30pm to 7.30pm.



Category NQT - Droichead
Date Monday 27 November 2017 - Monday 27 November 2017
Time 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Presenters To Be Confirmed
Fee €0.00
Venue Cork Education Support Centre, Cork
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