Using Scratch to develop Numeracy and Problem Solving Skills (PDST TiE/Lero)

Course description

The Using Scratch to Develop Numeracy and Problem Solving summer course introduces participants to the wonderful world of Scratch programming. In an easy relaxed way, participants will learn the basics of using Scratch and find out how they can make basic games, quizzes and animations. Participants will also see the applications for such activities in numeracy and in developing problem solving skills. This is a fun, hands on course where you will get loads of opportunity to make your own creative work. Once you have the basics there is no limit to what you can create using Scratch.


This revised summer course for 2016 from PDST TiE develops the use of Scratch 2.0 as a programming language in the primary classroom. The course includes a wide range of of short classroom practice focused videos demonstrating Scratch being integrated in daily teaching activities at a range of class levels. 

Each module includes discussion of practical classroom applications of Scratch programming and makes specific reference to the use of Scratch as a teaching tool in developing, supporting and extending children’s application of key mathematical concepts and skills. 

By means of a range of practical group activities, participants will investigate how they might incorporate Scratch across other curricular areas. Finally, other key areas discussed over the duration of the course include the development of safe internet practices in the school environment, finding and selecting good quality teaching material online and planning for e-learning practices in my school.

Category PDST TiE Summer Courses
Date Monday 03 July 2017 - Friday 07 July 2017
Time 9.30 to 14.00
Presenters Joe O'Loughlin
Code 17CK704
Fee €0.00
Venue Deer Park CBS, St Patricks Road, Cork
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