A Problem Solving Approach to Teaching and Learning Maths for 1st – 6th Class Teachers

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A Problem Solving Approach to Teaching and Learning Maths for 1st – 6th Class Teachers

Presented by the PDST Primary Numeracy Team


Teachers, Maths class can be the best part of you and your pupils’ day!

This PDST Summer course will greatly enhance the maths teaching and learning in your classroom.   Experienced PDST advisors have designed a course to give teachers practical maths ideas for each class level from 1st – 6th.   It emphasises the necessity of hands-on experiences and talk and discussion, for enhancing pupils’ understanding of maths concepts with problem solving as a core purpose of maths teaching and learning.  Covering Measures, Fractions, Place-value, Shape and Space, Mental Maths with a Problem Solving focus interwoven throughout the week, your pupils will be communicating, reasoning and problem solving with a new confidence in their abilities and an understanding that there are multiple strategies and solutions to real-life maths problems. A variety of assessment opportunities, including journaling and pupil self-assessment will also be explored.  You will leave this course with a bank of ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for hands-on maths teaching with your pupils.

Day 1 – Problem Solving -a skill and methodology

Day 2 – Fractions and Place Value

Day 3 – Mental Maths – multiple strategies for solving problems

Day 4 – Problem Solving with Shape and Space

Day 5 – Problem Solving with Measures - including all strand units

Category Summer Courses
Date Monday 03 July 2017 - Friday 07 July 2017
Time 9.30 to 14.00
Presenters Miriam Walsh
Code 17LC700
Fee €50.00
Venue Cork Education Support Centre, Cork

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