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Think about five to seven years from now. How should our primary curriculum be structured? Should we still use subjects from junior infants to sixth class? Is there a better way to think about how we use time across the curriculum? These are some of the questions shaping proposals for a consultation on the primary curriculum.

NCCA has published proposals related to structure and time in the primary curriculum. This is the first time, in almost twenty years, that those working in primary education have had an opportunity to consider the structure of the curriculum, what it should comprise and how time should be allocated within it.

The proposals are intended to begin a discussion about the redevelopment of the primary curriculum. The consultation will run from January to April 2017 with a major consultative conference in March.

In the coming months NCCA plans to consult with as many stakeholders as possible including teachers, principals, parents, children, education partners, school management bodies, children’s advocacy groups, and other members of the general public.

NCCA invites you to a take part in a focus group to discuss the proposals for the curriculum and the potential contribution they could make to primary education.


To access more detailed information regarding the consultation please visit where you will find the consultation document, an executive summary and key pieces of research which have informed the proposals.

Category Primary
Date Tuesday 07 March 2017 - Tuesday 07 March 2017
Time 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Presenters To Be Confirmed
Code COED1095
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Venue Cork Education Support Centre, Cork
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